Main practice areas

Employment law

• drafting employment contracts or any other employment-related contracts

• preparing management and employment agreements

• advising and mediating on legal disputes arising from the liabilities and obligations pertaining to employment agreements

• advising on and managing termination of employment (dismissals, lay-offs, mutual agreements

• revising and modifying labour contracts

• preparing corporate internal regulations, rules of procedures, agreements on responsibility for inventory

• providing legal representation for employer or employee in litigation

• advising on and managing indemnification issues.

Being aware of the challenges which the modern economy poses for entrepreneurs, as well as the importance of employers’ reputation for their market position, we offer our clients comprehensive legal services in terms of both individual and collective labour law. Our services are primarily aimed at ensuring the compliance of employers’ actions with the labour law, and consequently reducing the risk of disputes with employees. In order to achieve this goal, we offer the following legal services:

• current legal advice in individual and collective labour law

• legal audits of employees (due diligence)

• development of anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing policies

• development of internal regulations of labour law, including workplace and remuneration regulations

• support in internal investigation proceedings regarding discrimination and harassment

• support in hiring staff, including, among others, drafting employment contracts, civil contracts, including management contracts, as well as participation in negotiations with employees

• support in hiring and dismissing managers, including, among others, participation in the negotiations and recommendations on specific contractual provisions, and the preparation of documentation

• development of non-competition agreements and support in the legal regulation of the protection of business secrets and protection against unfair competition from employees

• support in individual and group dismissals, including, among others, participation in negotiations with employees, evaluating the reasons for termination, preparation of relevant documentation

• support in the restructuring of companies, including, among others, assessment of employment structures, liability towards employees, harmonisation of conditions of employment

• guidance in relations with trade unions and employers’ non-union representatives

• support in matters relating to the Social Fund.

In addition, in the event of disputes with employees, we offer professional representation before courts and administrative bodies.


Commercial law

Companies are facing an increasing number of business challenges globally including more rigorous regulations and enforcement by local authorities in the countries where they operate. As experienced advisers with a practical focus Dr. Lencse Katalin Law Firm can help clients meet these challenges and develop commercial solutions. Our firm  invests time in understanding the needs and operational nuances of its clients. Our experience allows us to provide companies facing complex legal matters and challenges with personalised services.

Dr. Lencse Katalin Law Firm strives to provide professional solutions with practical applicability, in the scope of both civil and public law, for the incorporation, registration and operation of Hungarian trading companies and associations. The Law Firm offers you a full range of services and provides legal counselling from the establishment of the company through its full range of activities.

Dr. Lencse Katalin Law Firm has extensive experience in advising buyers, sellers and financial investors in commercial transactions in Hungary. We help our clients structure and document their transactions in a manner that strengthens their relationship with their partners, while enhancing the value of their business. Dr. Lencse Katalin Law Firm negotiates and develops commercial contracts in all business fields. The commercial agreements we draw up are aimed at furthering your interests by carefully balancing the risks and rewards for you and your partners. These contracts include but are not limited to sales, purchase and supply, partnering, agency and distribution, franchise, facilities management, management arrangements, commercial outsourcing, joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances.




Data Privacy


Competition and Antitrust